Primary Specialisms

The Astra Learning Alliance currently has the following SLEs in these Primary Specialisms:


Katherine Mann (Great Kingshill CofE Combined School)

Sara Tilbey (Chesham Bois CE Combined School)

Behaviour & Discipline:

Samantha Garner (Great Kingshill CofE Combined School)

Closing the gap:

Samantha Garner (Great Kingshill CofE Combined School)


Katherine Mann (Great Kingshill CofE Combined School)

Sara Tilbey (Chesham Bois CE Combined School)


Katherine Mann (Great Kingshill CofE Combined School)

Leadership of Curriculum:

Katherine Mann (Great Kingshill CofE Combined School)


Louise Roach (Seer Green CE School)


Kathryn Olive (St Mary & All Saints Primary School)

Sara Tilbey (Chesham Bois CE Combined School)


Louise Roach (Seer Green CE School)


Samantha Garner (Great Kingshill CofE Combined School)


Louise Roach

Louise Roach

School:  Seer Green CE School

Position held: Senior Leader

SLE area of expertise:  Mathematics, Religious Education, Teacher Training

Current responsibilities:  Mathematics Subject Leader; Religious Education Subject Leader; Lower Key Stage 2 Leader.

Leadership Experience:

I am a loyal, conscientious, enthusiastic and highly motivated Senior Leader with proven interpersonal and management skills. I enjoy working with colleagues to improve on best practice and reflect on my own. I am very willing to share and develop my skills further.

I am an experienced Key Stage 1 and 2 teacher, having taught in primary schools for over 20 years. As well as leading my school in Maths and RE, I have also been History, Geography and PSHE Lead and I have gained Quality Marks and CPD accreditation. I am confident in monitoring and analysing data to inform school action plans. I have confidently delivered INSET sessions and training for student teachers.

I have wide experience of mentoring trainee teachers and newly qualified teachers. I have also worked as Visiting Tutor for the former Oxon-Bucks Partnership and currently for the Astra Alliance.

I enjoy working alongside other teachers and I look forward to meeting and collaborating with other professionals.


Samantha Garner

School:  Great Kinsghill CofE Combined School

Position held: Deputy Headteacher and SENDCo

SLE area of expertise:  SEN and vulnerable groups; Behaviour (Restorative Approach)

Current responsibilities:  SEN; Pupil Premium; LAC; Safeguarding; Learning Support Staff; Behaviour; Interventions and Learning Support; Teaching and Learning

Previous career history:

Class Teacher across KS1 and KS2; Year leader; Inclusion Leader (including SEN and disadvantaged groups); Previous career in Banking and Human Resources

What you hope to achieve as an SLE:

I am passionate about ensuring all pupils make at least expected progress and particularly supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of pupils within school. I believe in coaching and mentoring as a way to further improve teaching and learning and strive to work collaboratively with school staff to bring about improvements. As an SLE this would be my overall aim.

Specific areas of expertise, and how you might be able to help other schools:

  • Special Educational Needs in mainstream settings

  • Managing Learning Support staff

  • Effective Learning Support in classrooms

  • Delivery of effective interventions programmes

  • Supporting Teachers on differentiation for children

Future career goals:

Through the SLE role I would welcome the opportunity to work beyond my own school, to form strong collaborations with partner schools with the aim of achieving excellence for all pupils in Buckinghamshire.


Sara Tilbey

School:  Chesham Bois CE Combined School

Position held: Assistant Headteacher

SLE area of expertise:  Subject Co-ordination (English); Assessment; Leadership; Phonics

Current responsibilities:  I am the Assistant Headteacher at Chesham Bois, who is responsible for Teaching and Learning across the school. I am English Co-ordinator, Assessment Co-ordinator and SENDCO.  I support Teaching and Learning in both key stages and am also an NQT Mentor. 

Previous career history

I previously taught at St Nicolas CE Combined School where I was KS1 Co-ordinator and SENDCO.

What you hope to achieve as an SLE:

I am motivated most by securing the very best outcomes for pupils. Working as part of a professional team has enabled me to understand and apply the 360° approach to school improvement. I am driven by measuring the impact of actions and changes made by myself as a school leader to ultimately improve outcomes for our pupils.

I also strive on supporting and developing colleagues. In my current role, as NQT mentor, I take real pleasure in watching my colleagues develop into good practitioners as a result of suggestions and guidance provided by myself.

I have had a number of opportunities in my own school to support colleagues in developing their skills to fulfil their roles effectively and I would now thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to support colleagues in other schools.

Specific areas of expertise, and how you might be able to help other schools:

My role as English Co-ordinator has provided me the opportunity to lead a core subject, and to develop skills in a colleague on my English team. I have modelled lessons, developed ways to team teach, and I have supported her in developing unit plans and action plans as well as writing reports for Governors. Through modelling these skills and supporting my colleague she has been able to apply these skills effectively to her role as PE Co-ordinator, which has had a positive impact on outcomes for our pupils.  

My role as Assessment Co-ordinator has enabled me to develop thorough, yet manageable assessment procedures to ensure staff feel confident in, and supported throughout all aspects of assessment. I have led a number of pupil progress meetings to share our successes with all staff at a whole school level, but to also model how to present and report data. All staff have developed their own class progress reports and throughout the year have become more skilled in analysing and reporting attainment and progress rates for the pupils in their classes; a crucial skill for securing their future subject leader roles.

I am also SENDCO, this is such a challenging role and so I have created an additional Inclusion Manager role in school to support and help keep up to date with all of the paper work. I have helped to train my colleague in this role and have weekly meetings with her to discuss actions for the following week. I have had to offer guidance in how to set up systems for tracking rates of progress for our school groups, how to set up and track rates of progress for various intervention groups, how best to utilise the skills of our LSAs and how to report successes to Governors. Through my mentor role my colleague has developed her own leadership capacity and is now able to offer support and guidance to others in a similar way.

My role as NQT Mentor this academic year has required me to develop others and support them in understanding how to use marking and feedback to inform their future planning and teaching. As a school we work hard to secure the very best outcomes for our pupils and a method that we have adopted and developed has been split class teaching. This involves using assessment information to help teach groups of children based on their need, rather than teaching the whole class together in a traditional 3 part lesson. Some of my colleagues found this difficult to start with, but after modelled lessons, and support with planning and feedback and marking are now able to deliver differentiated inputs for groups of learners within lessons.

Future career goals:

I now feel ready for new challenges. I am highly motivated, very efficient and enjoy supporting colleagues.  I feel I have really good coaching skills and would enjoy roles that provide opportunities to develop further as a leader.

I aspire to take on my first Deputy Headteacher role in the next few years.