Subject Networks & CPD



Secondary Subject Networks

Created and delivered by our Astra SLE's we have a number of Subject Networks hosted at various schools across Herts & Bucks. Details will be published here when dates become available.

Come together with like-minded colleagues to share ideas and good practice, and explore challenges and opportunities! Colleagues really valued previous meetings which took place and have a focused agenda around:

  • Developing strategies, and sharing ideas
  • Exam changes, Exam Boards and Resources
  • Sharing resources and examplar material
  • Progression through KS3-5, The New Syllabus
  • Curriculum changes, challenges and planning
  • Assessment and Progress, and challenges through KS3-5


CPD Opportunities

A number of our highly experienced Astra SLE's are collaborating to bring fellow professionals new CPD opportunities during 2019 by sharing best practice with others. Further details will be published here when they become available.