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The Beaconsfield School

The Beaconsfield School educates nearly 900 students, with a growing 6th form and just fewer than 100 staff at the school. As a school we are creative in our curriculum and we treat each child as an individual; because of this, learning and progress is at the centre of everything we do. Our aims are to provide a vibrant and fun learning environment and to be an innovative place that seizes opportunities, embraces cutting edge ICT and does things differently. We build our structures around our students, listening to them and developing them both inside and outside the classroom. We also aim to promote staff excellence, including teacher training opportunities and overall career development.
We want every student who attends the school to reach their full potential academically. We also put great value on extra-curricular clubs and activities. During any one week there are over 50 clubs or activities running for students. We believe that this complements their academic studies, helps them to develop into well rounded individuals and enables them to make a positive contribution to the community.
Our most recent OFSTED report of October 2014 highlighted the strong leadership in the school at all levels and the sustained success in improving outcomes for individuals. It also highlighted the safe environment in the school and the open approachable ethos of the staff in the school.
We are a school that has a strong sense of direction and a strong sense of purpose. In joining us you will be joining a community that cares for each individual and ensures the students are given the opportunity to succeed and are supported to do so.

Contact: Mrs F Palmer-Garrett (Assistant Headteacher)
Address: Wattleton Road, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 1SJ
Tel: 01494 673450