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The Astra ITT secondary curriculum is well sequenced to ensure trainees accumulate and revisit knowledge and understanding of the CCF (and beyond) by applying this to a range of settings, working with expert colleagues, including Mentors and Tutors with subject specific knowledge and expertise.

Our training programme, building on nearly a decade of ITT experience, is based on evidence in the CCF covering the most effective pedagogies and classroom interventions.  It aims to enhance capabilities and understanding in order to improve pupil outcomes over time through synchronous and asynchronous learning, creating communities of practice with trainee workload and wellbeing in mind. Astra teacher educators are selected for their ability to model effective pedagogy and work with trainees to set timely and realistic targets that are monitored through weekly mentor meetings, formative assessment points and QTS assignments.


Astra Star Inclusive Professional Behaviour

Overview of Astra Intent; Implementation; Impact

Overview of Astra Intent; Implementation; Impact

Curriculum Intent: The Astra Star Modules (2022/23)

Trainees will learn that...

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