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Woodside Junior School

Woodside Junior School is a happy, caring and positive learning environment, within which all children feel safe, confident and able to achieve their full social and academic potential. Woodside School has an enthusiastic and dedicated team of people, striving to provide the very best education through a rich and relevant curriculum, underpinned by the National Curriculum. At Woodside we make all learning experiences enjoyable, meaningful and challenging, providing an excellent foundation for life in today’s fast changing world. Our most important task is to ensure that the children in our care develop into responsible, tolerant and confident individuals. We have embraced the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, by modelling rights and respect in our policies and practice.
We seek to provide a positive and healthy environment where children feel happy, safe and secure, able to enjoy and appreciate the rewards of learning. We recognise that every child has their own unique blend of abilities and aptitudes; we will offer pupils the opportunity to develop their skills here in our school. Children receive an education of outstanding quality which caters for the wide range of learning styles, where all areas of their development are individually met and celebrated. This includes being taught the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
The school will provide a stimulating learning environment, which allows children to fully develop their academic, physical and creative skills to nurture well-rounded learners for life. We have very high expectations of behaviour, so that a culture of trust, honesty, politeness and consideration is demonstrated by all. Our aim is for children to grow into confident, independent and motivated individuals in preparation to take their place in society in an informed, positive and active way. We also aim for our children to be encouraged to develop lively, creative and enquiring minds to nurture a life-long love of learning, and understand that working hard reaps success and that achievement is celebrated and rewarded.

Contact: Mrs D Milner (Headteacher)
Address: Mitchell Walk, Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP6 6NW

Tel: 01494 725897