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Aylesbury Grammar School

Aylesbury Grammar School is a thriving and diverse community of over 1300 students. Our core values of respect and aspire enable our students and staff to flourish in all they do, providing an environment where we celebrate difference, embrace opportunity and lead with humility.

We are a School respectful of our local history with a clear vision for our future. The value of education and strength of character required of the next generation has never been greater. With an evolving social and cultural landscape, young men have never been more challenged when finding their place in the world.

The struggle to know how to behave in society and questions around sense of identity brings into sharp focus the value of education. At AGS we provide the freedom to explore these issues and support our students to develop, in equal measure. We offer a curriculum full of opportunities to enhance our unique environment of pastoral care, which inspires our students to interact, grow and thrive with all aspects of society, as well as flourish in their academic pursuits.

We have been nurturing character since 1598 and will be for many years to come, inspiring and enabling our students to flourish throughout their lives.

Contact: Mrs V Beckley (Professional Tutor)

Address: Walton Rd, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP21 7RP
Tel: 01296 484545