Train to Teach: 2020-21 recruitment

Recruitment will open again on 8th October, for 2020-21. There are national Train to Teach events taking place throughout the year, at these locations. Astra will be present at the London event on 12th October and  a further one which is schedule for 1st February. 

In the meantime, you can see some of our 2017-18 trainee cohort talking about their experiences with the Astra SCITT in the videos below: 

Main video

Choose a career that inspires you

Inspiring a career change

Also view this DfE film 'Every lesson shapes a life',  which underscores the unparalleled role that teachers play in shaping young people's lives. 

Safeguarding is at the forefront of all our selection processes and decision-making. 


Posted on: 04/09/2019