Teaching Talent


    We are delighted to announce the formal launch of Teaching Talent; a network of six Bucks teaching schools with one vision.

    We are working together to help support and train teachers in schools across the county, on a collaborative journey to better education.

    There are currently five secondary and one primary Buckinghamshire Teaching School Alliances:

    The five secondary Buckinghamshire Teaching School Alliances have formed a network to offer a cohesive professional development model for all of Buckinghamshire’s secondary school teachers and leaders (current or aspiring). This model has been conceived in the context of an increasingly school­led system at a time of unprecedented change and challenge; and in the context of an already strongly supported primary school system (Buckinghamshire Learning Trust and other Teaching Schools). Below is a map of our reach and associated schools.

    Our network offers a model for the professional development of secondary teachers from trainee to headship. This model takes the form of Professional Learning Pathways (PLPs), which (shown below) provide a holistic view of the pedagogical and leadership development needs of a new entrant to the profession, through to senior leadership.

    PLP Diagram v2.png

    In the design and delivery of these programmes, our vision is to develop and establish Buckinghamshire as an innovative and attractive place for teachers to develop leadership skills while they train and work. We hope this will lead to higher recruitment and retention rates and facilitate the sharing and development of best practice across the County.

    Teaching Talent Map.png

    Contact us:

    Twitter: @talent_teaching

    Web: teachingtalent.org

    Email: hello@teachingtalent.org





    Posted on: 16/10/2015