Seeing a curriculum more clearly

Seeing a curriculum more clearly: understanding curricular responsibility in a senior leadership team


The Astra Learning Alliance is delighted to be hosting this session led by Education Consultant, Christine Counsell. Christine specialises in school leadership of curriculum, teacher development and teacher training. As Director of Education for a MAT serving areas of disadvantage in East Anglia, she led Trust-wide curriculum development. Christine served on the Ofsted Curriculum Advisory Group that helped to shape the new schools inspection framework, following which she was commissioned by Ofsted to devise and deliver training for all HMIs. Alongside other projects Christine serves on the Boards of David Ross Education Trust, Now Teach and Ark Curriculum Partnerships, and is on the senior advisory board of Oak National Academy.


The session is aimed at Secondary Senior Leaders and will give delegates the opportunity to engage with the following questions:


  • What does SLT need to know about knowledge?
  • What is the role of knowledge in a curriculum?
  • Why do the knowledge debates matter?
  • How are knowledge, literacy and inclusion related?
  • What does 'curriculum in progression model' really mean and why is Ofsted using that expression?
  • What are the implications for sequencing and assessment?
  • Why is subject-specificity so crucial?
  • How are curriculum development and teacher development related?
  • How can SLT nurture middle leaders and curriculum development processes in subjects not their own?
  • Why are proxies for strong curricula so dangerous?
  • How are senior-middle leader management conversations transformed when curriculum is central?

For further details and to book, please see the attached flyer.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Catherine Priggs.