Core Values


Core Values

Our core values of excellence; support; collaboration and innovation underpin the intent of our provision, judged to be ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in 2018.

All training is framed around the six point Astra star curriculum which meets and exceeds the minimum entitlement of the CCF with the integration of additional analysis and critique of theory, research and expert practice.  In this way, our curriculum ensures trainees are introduced to the tools to develop their knowledge further, for example through sharing access to professional networks. 

Our curriculum also intends to give trainees the necessary expertise in the subject(s) they teach to all pupils, including those with SEND and those who speak EAL It is shaped to ensure that any generic principles are always understood practically and in relation to subject and phase.

Astra engages with a range of partners, such as facilitators based at our large network of schools, to ensure our curriculum is up-to-date, integrated and well-sequenced across the partnership. Our course leaders and facilitators are expert colleagues sourced from our partnership, selected for their firm and common understanding of the intended curriculum and what it means for their practice. This is further solidified through regular training sessions. Trainees are placed in a range of settings in which they undertake each part of their training, including the minimum of two placement schools and intensive training and practice, where they are supported by mentors who have a full understanding of the trainee curriculum.