Role of the Astra Appropriate Body

The role of the Astra Appropriate Body is to ensure that:

  • Headteachers/Principals (and governing bodies where appropriate) are meeting their responsibilities in respect of providing a suitable post for induction;

  • The monitoring, support, assessment and guidance procedures in place are fair and appropriate;

  • Where an ECT may be experiencing difficulties, action is taken to address areas of performance that require further development and support;

  • Where an institution is not fulfilling its responsibilities, contact is made with the institution to raise its concerns;

  • The Headteacher/Principal has verified that the award of QTS has been made;

  • The school is providing a reduced timetable in addition to PPA time;

  • The ECT is provided with a named contact(s) within the Appropriate Body;

  • ECT records and assessment reports are maintained;

  • Agreement is reached with the Headteacher/Principal and the ECT to determine where a reduced induction period may be appropriate or is deemed to be satisfactorily completed:

  • A final decision is made on whether the ECT has met the relevant standards for satisfactorily completing induction or an extension is required and the relevant parties are notified; and

  • Provide the Teaching Regulation Agency with details of ECTs who have started; completed (satisfactorily or not); require an extension; or left school partway through an induction period.