Information for Astra trainees 2020-21

Newsletters for our 2020-21 Astra trainees can be found below:


Astra terms and conditions 2020-21

Here are the Astra SCITT terms and conditions for 2020-21. Within this document are our Declaration of Understanding of Requirements, Bursary application form, and Astra policies and procedures. All incoming trainees will be sent these documents by email. 


If you are intending to apply for a Student Loan for your course fees/maintenance, the 2020--21 Student Finance England and Student Finance Wales services is now open for full time applications.  Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. All incoming Astra trainees will be sent details of the course codes to apply against.

Please also see our Bursaries and Funding page for further information about bursaries and scholarships. 

Fundamental Maths and English Skills

The National Maths and English skills tests have now been discontinued, for trainees starting programmes in September 2020. However, as providers we are required to ensure that our trainees have the fundamental Maths and English skills needed to meet the Teachers Standards. We therefore test these at interview, and where successful trainees might have a development need in either or both areas, you will be expected to work during  your course to close this gap. 

Practice papers relating to the old tests may be of help when preparing for interview; they can be found in these links:  Numeracy and Literacy. There are also various on-line means of support eg, or on YouTube.