Post Lockdown Subject Specific Support


Subject Specific Support as teachers return to the classroom:

The following videos, which have all been produced by Astra ABLEs, aim to support secondary subject specialists to support exam classes back into the classroom. The videos include topics such as how to effectively identify and address knowledge gaps, improving memory retention, and assessment. We would kindly ask that if you access any of the videos you let us know by completing this short form; the form also provides opportunity for you to indicate if you would like any follow up SLE support.


Steve Williams

Claire Whybourn


Speaking (supporting slides and word doc)

Vocabulary Recall (supporting slides and word doc)

Moving Between Tenses (supporting slides)

John Hopkins Science
Daniel Langley Drama & Theatre (please click on the download button to access)
Richard Pontin PE
Catherine Priggs History (supporting slides)
Kim Clarke RS
Michelle Guy Maths