Career Change into teaching with NOW TEACH

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Astra is delighted to be a partner of ‘Now Teach’, an organisation supporting experienced people to make a successful transition into teaching, working alongside schools and training providers to offer additional events and resources tailored to the needs of career changers. Further details can be found at, with event details being advertised here:

This leaflet also explains more. The sooner someone joins, the sooner they can start to benefit from the Now Teach support, including access to monthly school insight webinars, an onboarding hub and regular opportunities to talk to each other and Now Teachers from previous years.

Now Teach recruit on the following criteria: 

  • Motivation to teach and be part of the Now Teach career-change network, actively engaging with their offer
  • Career experience:  Now Teachers are talented individuals who bring fresh perspectives from industry, business and other sectors into schools. The average age of a Now Teacher is late 40s, and they have members in their early 30s and some in their late 60s. 

Incoming career-change trainees who would benefit from being part of Now Teach can apply by either completing the EOI on their website and selecting 'I already have an ITT placement' or emailing, letting her know you are an Astra trainee.