Course dates 2024-2025

The course dates for the Astra SCITT teacher training programme is as follows:

There are strict regulations around how many days you must complete in school and on training. The following is a guideline. If you are in any doubt about term dates or training requirements, please contact Astra. At Induction in July we will explain further attendance and other requirements, including requirements for salaried and apprentice trainees.


Autumn Term 1

Monday 2 September - Friday 25 October*

Please note: some schools have a longer half term, but trainees in this category are required to attend Astra training on Wednesday, 23 October and will be undertaking a placement in primary schools on other days at this point. This will be explained at Induction in July. All trainees have one week of half term to comply with training requirements. 


Half term

Monday 28 October - Friday 1 November


Autumn Term 2

Monday 4 November - Friday 20 November

The final training session will be on Wednesday, 18 December. Most schools continue until 20 December. If your school finishes on 18 December, as some secondaries do, 19th and 20th December will be part of the Christmas holiday.


Spring Term 1

Monday 6 January - Friday 14 February


Half Term

Monday 17 February - Friday 21 February


Spring Term 1

Monday 24 February - Friday 4 April


A small number of schools have slightly different Easter holidays. Check your school’s website. You are always required to attend Astra training sessions, even if they fall during your school’s holidays.


Summer Term 1

Tuesday 22 April - Friday 23 May


Half Term

Monday 25 May - Friday 30 May


Summer Term 2

Monday 2 June - Friday 4 July