Our Partner Schools - Secondary


Alfriston is a scondary-age day and boarding school for girls, which caters for pupils with a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities, between the ages of 11 and 18. We are located in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, in the South of England, and a state-funded school with Academy status.
Most pupils at Alfriston have moderate learning difficulties, and a large majority have additional needs, such as speech, language and communication difficulties, sensory impairment, physical difficulty or other learning difficulties and disabilities. The school serves the whole county of Buckinghamshire and a number of neighbouring local authorities. Pupils come from very mixed backgrounds. A small minority have English as an additional language.
The school has received a number of national awards in the recent past, including Healthy School, Sportsmark, and Investor in careers. It became a Specialist Sports College in September 2009 with science as a second speciality subject.
The latest Ofsted School Inspection Report has said, “This is an exceptional school. It has a tangible atmosphere of shared endeavour and everyone involved has a pride in what they achieve. One parent spoke for many in saying, "It's a privilege to be part of the Alfriston experience". All the girls are very straightforward in expressing their appreciation of what the school does for them, and older students, in particular, are very clear that attending has much improved their life chances. Parents and carers hold staff in very high esteem. One parent who wrote summed up the strong consensus that came through responses to questionnaires, and conversations with individuals: "A great school and a shining example of what can be achieved by a dedicated team".

Contact:  Alison Woodworth-Sturla
Address: Penn Rd, Knotty Green, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 2TS
Tel: 01494 673740


At the Amersham School we pride ourselves on our ability to provide each and every one of our students with a first class, personalised and progressive education which enables them to flourish and succeed in all areas of school life. Our mission statement 'Live, Learn and Succeed Together' lies at the heart of all we do. We strive to create a supportive and structured learning environment in which individuals are challenged to realise their full potential and encouraged to be ambitious for their futures. We believe it is of the utmost importance for students to become self-confident, positive and enquiring learners.
Our students are encouraged to become well-rounded and broad-minded individuals and we support this through a diverse range of extra-curricular activities. As a business and enterprise specialist our business partnerships are a key strength of the school and act to inspire and motivate our students, and prepare for life as confident adults and leaders in the 21st Century.
Amersham School looks forward to an exciting and promising future. Our students achieve exceptional examination results at both GCSE and A Level. In 2012, we were the best performing school in Buckinghamshire for GCSE grades A* - C including English and Maths in Buckinghamshire - a record we hope to maintain and build on over the coming years.
Our vision for the future of our school and students is to deliver exceptional learning experiences which: inspire the mind, challenge all abilities and develop lifelong learners who are ambitious and confident about their future successes.

Contact: Karis Rundle (ITTCo)
Address: Stanley Hill, Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP7 9HH
Tel: 01494 726562


Aspire (The Wycombe Grange, Blueprint and Chiltern Skills & Enterprise Centre) provide ‘outstanding’ alternative educational provision and support for secondary age students. Students attend full or part-time and are referred to us by schools and the Local Authority.
Our focus is to support young people, together with their families and schools, to reach beyond their potential and enable them to flourish by developing positive behaviours, attitudes and aspirations. Our core aims are:
- To provide an outstanding educational experience and opportunities that leads to success for all.
- To enable students to make the right choices and do the right thing by making positive changes in their behaviours and attitudes.
- To develop skills that will enable students to make a positive contribution to all aspects of society.
We are based across several sites in Aylesbury, High Wycombe and Chesham. The Chiltern Skills and Enterprise Centre, in Chesham, is a purpose-built centre with facilities for a wide range of 2 year vocational courses. The PRU offers full-time provision for students who have been permanently excluded from their mainstream schools, as well as part-time provision for students who are at risk of exclusion. Our curriculum offer is diverse, ranging from Maths to Glass Technology. Many of our subject offers are practical, and teaching here is a unique experience. We were rated Outstanding by OFSTED in July 2014.

Wycombe Grange site

Contact: Ms Sarah Holding (Deputy Headteacher)
Address: 56 Amersham Hill, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP13 6PQ
Tel: 01494 445815

Chiltern Skills and Enterprise Centre site

Address: Cameron Road, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 3BP
Tel: 01494 358015



Aylesbury Grammar School is a thriving and diverse community of over 1300 students. Our core values of respect and aspire enable our students and staff to flourish in all they do, providing an environment where we celebrate difference, embrace opportunity and lead with humility.

We are a School respectful of our local history with a clear vision for our future. The value of education and strength of character required of the next generation has never been greater. With an evolving social and cultural landscape, young men have never been more challenged when finding their place in the world.

The struggle to know how to behave in society and questions around sense of identity brings into sharp focus the value of education. At AGS we provide the freedom to explore these issues and support our students to develop, in equal measure. We offer a curriculum full of opportunities to enhance our unique environment of pastoral care, which inspires our students to interact, grow and thrive with all aspects of society, as well as flourish in their academic pursuits.

We have been nurturing character since 1598 and will be for many years to come, inspiring and enabling our students to flourish throughout their lives.

Contact: Mrs Vanessa Beckley (Professional Tutor)

Address: Walton Rd, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP21 7RP
Tel: 01296 484545


AHS Vision:  Developing uniquely talented young adults, who are independent, strong and confident.

AHS mission:  A girls’ grammar school creating a welcoming environment which draws the very best from all in our community.  Achieved by providing an ambitious education that stimulates creative and critical thinking, values diversity and facilitates dynamic personal development.

AHS values: Confidence, Respect, Engagement, Aspiration, Teamwork and Enjoyment 

At AHS, we focus not only on what is learnt, but also on how it is learnt; our students are encouraged to embrace every role and subject and, as a result, they learn to trust in their own abilities. We are also a strong and thriving community which embraces diversity, where each individual is respected and cared for.

Our academic success is long-established, with excellent exam results that place us amongst the best schools in the county and the country and, whilst these outstanding academic successes are important to us, we balance these with wide-ranging, challenging and inspiring co-curricular opportunities too.

Whatever a student aspires to be, we prepare them for their next steps.  We work with them so that they have confidence in their ability to achieve their goals; we ensure our students have the strength to seek challenge, the independence to realise their potential and are prepared for the world of today and tomorrow.

AHS is a place of leadership and teamwork, and a place where community and collaboration, innovation and self-efficacy flourish. We are educating our students to become global changemakers—the people we need to help solve the world’s biggest challenges. At AHS, students are encouraged and expected to speak their minds.

We are a happy school, a busy school, an inclusive school where students can take risks without fear of failure, and we are a high-achieving school. 

Contact: Mrs Sarah Jeffries (ITTCo) 
Address: Walton Rd, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP21 7SX
Tel: 01296 388222


The Aylesbury Vale Academy is a school where we aim to go beyond the expected to ensure that students' life chances are enhanced.  We are proud of our non-selective, fully inclusive status and believe that children and young people, regardless of their background, ability or circumstances can thrive and succeed here. That is why we place respect, aspiration and resilience at the heart of everything we do.


As a large all-through school, we can offer learners an ambitious range of opportunities in and beyond the classroom. We place significant importance on academic excellence through high expectations but value, just as highly, the wide range of experiences learners can access. It is this balance which helps to ensure that learners are fully rounded individuals who can make a positive contribution to society.


To improve the life chances of all the learners we serve at AVA we will: 


  • Ensure our teaching and all our work with young people is grounded in high expectations so that learners achieve exceptionally well. 
  • Deliver a broad, ambitious and rich curriculum, going beyond the expected. 
  • Close all gaps between the performance of different groups of learners. 
  • Empower learners by developing their character so that they are resilient, aspirational, respectful and have excellent attitudes to their learning. 
  • Inspire attendance to be consistently above the national average. 

Contact: Mr Richard Baber (ITTCo) 
Address: Paradise Orchard, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP18 0PS
Tel: 01296 428551



Beaconsfield High School is a girls-only grammar school, and our vision is to develop, not only the mind, but also the body and the spirit. Consequently, the school is vibrant, friendly and dynamic. We are proud of the open and supportive relationships between our staff and the girls. The highly successful academic culture offers broad, stimulating and, at times, inspiring educational experiences that are designed to reinforce independence, resilience and confidence. It is these skills, amongst others, that have been seen to provide an immediate advantage in the competitive world of higher education and the world of work.
Beaconsfield High School girls thrive in this environment; both academically and creatively. Staff reinforce the value of leadership, positive morality and humility and a recent school review stated that the students have 'excellent attitudes to learning and impeccable behaviour'. We are rightfully proud of the supportive and caring pastoral system that complements the wealth of learning and extra-curricular activities provided by a dedicated staff team. All that we do is designed to help students grow and develop into remarkable young ladies with a pride in their school and a pride in themselves.

Contact: Simon Pearce (ITTCo)
Address: Wattleton Rd, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 1RR
Tel: 01494 673043


Chesham Grammar School (CGS) is an outstanding, co-educational grammar school of over 1200 students, just under 400 of whom are in the Sixth Form.  Our students achieve highly at both GCSE and A level and the vast majority move onto university, with a number each year gaining entry to Oxford and Cambridge.  We are immensely proud of the students we produce who not only achieve outstanding results but who also display the habits of successful learners and who are well equipped to cope with the demands of 21st century life.
CGS is a rewarding and stimulating environment in which to work and we are delighted to be part of the Astra Learning Alliance, working in partnership with other local schools to help train the next generation of teachers.

Contact: Laura Curtis (ITTCo)
Address: White Hill, Chesham, Buckinghamshire HP5 1BA
Tel: 01494 782854


hiltern Hills Academy looks forward to a promising future. Our aim is for Chiltern Hills Academy to become the school of choice for local families, offering an exceptional learning experience for all students. The staff are committed to providing students with an inspiring and stimulating learning environment in which they can all create, achieve and excel.
Chiltern Hills Academy has established itself in its state-of-the-art new buildings, providing students with stunning learning and recreational facilities, complemented by an ethos based on the Christian values of hope, respect, forgiveness, honesty, love, self-discipline and compassion. We are supported by our chaplain and link these values to our daily lives whilst working with students, for example respect and compassion are demonstrated in the way we support young people working in the Learning Zone. We not only expect academic rigour from our students but we also expect them to embrace these core values to support them in their daily lives.
On visiting the Academy you will experience the clear focus of each young person and you will observe a calm and orderly environment. Students are encouraged to have high aspirations and to believe in their own ability. This is encouraged both within the classroom and through our growing number of opportunities beyond the classroom.
The Academy is a place where young people can be both happy and successful. It was judged to be good overall when inspected by Ofsted in February 2013. We are now focused on embedding outstanding teaching and learning.
We have a strong team of dedicated and innovative staff, working with each successive cohort of students to shape the culture and ethos of the Academy so that every individual feels valued and has the opportunity to contribute. Visitors often comment on the positive relationships and the enthusiasm for learning they see in the Academy, both of which are very important to us; we hope you will experience the inclusive atmosphere and feel welcome if you visit.

Contact: Joanna Igoe (ITTCo)
Address: Chartridge Lane, Chesham, Buckinghamshire HP5 2RG

Tel: 01494 782066


Chiltern Way Academy is an award winning specialist secondary school for boys and girls with social, emotional, communication and interaction difficulties.

We provide high-quality education, care and therapies for the huge range of need that exists across the behaviour spectrum, from social and emotional needs to high-functioning autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) with challenging behaviour. We offer a compassionate yet dynamic environment centred on a broad and tailored national curriculum offer.

The Chiltern Way Academy benefits enormously from having two school sites, both of which have state-of-the-art facilities and a high staff-student ratio. This gives enormous flexibility in the curriculum while also allowing higher levels of differentiation for all. The staff team is strong and exceptionally committed, bringing with them a wide range of relevant skills and experience.

Our clear purpose is to make an enduring difference to our students’ lives, guiding and supporting them to find their own pathway to becoming happy, productive and successful members of society.

Contact: Mr John Twining (ITTCo)

Address: Wendover, Aylesbury HP22 6NL

Tel: 01296 622157




The Cottesloe School is a vibrant and motivated learning community which is recognised as a "good" school by OfSTED. Our students benefit from highly qualified and exceptionally committed staff, who recognise the importance of creative and challenging teaching and high professional standards. 

Our aspiration is that at The Cottesloe School students will follow a 'Cottesloe Journey' that combines learning about, and from the world we live in.  Students will experience a sense of fulfilment through educational and personal achievement. Our curriculum has carefully designed pathways to make sure it meets the needs of all our students. It provides an excellent range of options in GCSE and A Level qualifications supported by a range of vocational courses. The diverse curriculum is enhanced by high quality extra-curricular opportunities which inspire our students to participate in school life, especially in PE, Performing Arts, trips and DofE. 

Our core value statement Prepare, Aspire, Succeed is borne out of a simple philosophy of what we believe is the purpose of education. Prepare, Aspire, Succeed is what we do – it is what defines us as a school. We believe it encapsulates all that is unique about The Cottesloe School.

Contact: Mr Dan Fox (ITTCo)

Address: Aylesbury Rd, Wing, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 0NY


Tel: 01296 688264



Contact: Laura Clark (ITTCo)

Address: Cox Green School, Highfield Lane, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 3AX

Tel: 01628 629 415





Address: Holmers Lane, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP12 4QA

Contact: Shazeen Saddique (Assistant Headteacher)

Tel: 01494 437729




Dr Challoner's reputation extends back to the early 17th century when the school began educating the boys of Amersham and the surrounding area. Now the school is widely recognised as one of the leading state grammar schools in the country, and is home to 1300 students aged 11-18, including girls in our co-educational Sixth Form. Our aim is to help all our students develop into young adults with the right habits, attitudes and qualifications to take on the challenges of the rapidly changing modern world.

Those qualifications regularly yield outstanding results, consistently placing Challoner's among the top 50 state schools in Britain. We are proud of the fact that our leavers move on to a huge range of university courses at home and abroad. Around 20 students each year win places at Oxford or Cambridge, with a similar number going on to medical school. We are equally proud of those students who identify their particular passion and pursue it at the best locations for that course. When they come back and see us our alumni often tell us how well they feel the school has prepared them for the next phase in their lives. To us, this is the true measure of our success.

As an OFSTED 'outstanding' school, DCGS converted to academy status in 2011 and is proud to be a National Teaching School. In 2016 we became a SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) Centre. These functions enable us to recruit and train the very best teachers to DCGS and other local schools, improving the quality of teaching and leadership.

We want the people who leave us to be kind, caring, comfortable in themselves and open minded to new challenges. We want them to be happy and optimistic because they are proud of what they have achieved and know how to go about fulfilling their own ambitions for the future. In order to achieve that the school offers a friendly and creative learning environment, with superb opportunities for students to explore new interests, whatever they may be.

Contact: Andrew Millar (ITTCo)

Address: Chesham Road, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP6 5HA
Tel: 01494 787500


The Grange is a diverse, inclusive non-selective upper school that serves the town of Aylesbury. 

The students and staff at The Grange School make it a fantastic place to work. Our students are friendly and confident and we strive to ensure that they achieve the success that they deserve. Together we have created a thriving community school. 

We believe in developing the whole child. While academic success is important and makes a difference to the lives of young people, we recognise the wider talents of our students and place value in celebrating and sharing their successes.

Our school is valued locally as a good school, where our students enjoy the journey and share the understanding that they create the great school of the future.

Contact: Catherine Bright (Professional Tutor/ITTCo)
Address: Wendover Way, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP21 7NH
Tel: 01296 390900


Contact: Mr Stefan Merreywether (ITTCo)

Address: Bobmore Lane, Marlow,  Buckinghamshire SL7 1JE

Tel: 01628 483752





Founded in 1931 as a grammar school, The Hemel Hempstead School is an 11-18 mixed comprehensive community school.  Students are drawn from many parts of the town although predominantly the area immediately surrounding the School. The intake is comprehensive in breadth and parents are extremely supportive and keen to see their children do well.  The School is well known for high standards and consistently good examination results; in March 2011 OFSTED described us as a ‘good school where students’ achievement is outstanding’.  An unannounced one day inspection in December 2014 was very positive, finding that the school has taken ‘effective action to maintain the high standards of behaviour and attitudes’, and in the May 2016 OFSTED inspection the school retained its 'Good' rating.  Popular, over-subscribed and sited in pleasant grounds, we have 180 students in each of Years 7 – 11 and a thriving Sixth Form of 230 taking a range of A Level and BTEC qualifications. Our parents are extremely supportive and keen to see their children do well. We are well known for our high academic standards and excellent examination results.

The School has been awarded both Sportsmark and Artsmark Gold awards, reflecting the quality of curriculum provision in these areas, and from September 2002 we gained Specialist Status in the Performing Arts, under the Government’s Specialist Schools Programme. Specialist Status has helped raise standards to record levels.The school seeks to develop students’ academic ability and their character. We have a well-established and highly successful house system as well as a wide range of sporting, artistic, dramatic, musical, expeditionary and academic extra-curricular activities. We revel in our capacity to produce superb quality productions, performances and events to involve and delight all and to produce sports teams which have enjoyed success at district, county and national level.

Contact: Ms Debbie Benjamin (ITTCo)
Address: Heath Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP1 1TX
Tel: 01442 390100


The Highcrest Academy is the first 11-19 comprehensive school in Buckinghamshire. We have an excellent track record for trainees, having worked in the past with a number of providers, supporting and guiding trainees through to their first jobs and beyond. We are very keen to develop future teachers and share their passion for their subject.


We are a vibrant, happy school in which every student is given the opportunity to develop their talents and to flourish as individuals. The childrens' education is as important to us as it is to them and their parents and we are relentless in our pursuit of building a cohesive culture and curriculum that matches the varied needs of our students.


Our motto, ‘Aspire and Achieve’ is central to our philosophy.  We are committed to making sure that every student makes outstanding progress and succeeds both academically and in terms of their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  Indeed, we value a strong work ethic and aim to develop, sometimes hidden or unsuspected talent, into fruition.


Here at Highcrest, we are committed to setting high expectations for the conduct of our pupils and believe it is crucial for there to be an established culture in which all are able to excel. We want all the children who come to the academy to enjoy their learning and to become thoughtful, articulate, confident and responsible members of society.  


Our personalised curriculum is enhanced by numerous extra-curricular opportunities, community and business projects, national and international competitions and a thriving House System. This encourages staff and students of all ages to work together.


Our website will give you a brief insight into our ethos and our work. However, there is no substitute for a visit to us, to see for yourself what makes The Highcrest Academy so special. Please take the opportunity to arrange a visit and experience our happy and caring community in action.


We have a fantastic body of pupils with a whole range of abilities, needs and wants! With our comprehensive intake you can develop your skills both in working with the More Able academically, but also in learning to support a range of SEN needs and learning to teach an array of pupils with English as a second language. If you really want a variety of experiences, a challenge, but to make the difference then please do come and look at ITT at Highcrest.


Contact: Mr D Mizera (ITTCo)

Address: The Highcrest Academy, Hatters Lane, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP13 7NQ

Tel: 01494 529866




Holmer Green Senior School is a leading Buckinghamshire upper school, where we are proven to offer a unique learning experience – matching outstanding care and support for our students with the very highest expectations of success. We are a specialist Business and Enterprise school and are committed to provide our students with a competitive edge on leaving school – whether they are applying for university places or for the ever more competitive job market. We achieve this by setting the highest expectations for their progress in lessons but also through a range of character building opportunities such as Sports Leaders, Young Enterprise and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.
Our Mission statement is ‘achievement and opportunity for all’ and is something we live and breathe, challenging every student to fulfil his or her potential and providing a range of curricular and extra curricular opportunities that far exceeds the provision in many other schools. We aim to offer:
A dynamic learning experience, matching outstanding care and support for every child with the very highest levels of challenge and expectations of success
To accomplish excellent working relationships between staff and students with a relentless focus on empowering every child to achieve.
To provide an ambitious and dynamic school experience for every child with a commitment to helping him or her become successful – well qualified with a belief that he or she can achieve in all areas; confident – relishing leadership and responsibility and caring – respecting others and holding a genuine pride in their community
To meet these aims we offer high expectations of students’ work ethic to enable academic success, high quality qualifications and educational opportunities and outstanding pastoral care and guidance. Additionally, we also provide an exciting range of extra-curricular activities – with opportunities for leadership and responsibility and a team of well qualified, enthusiastic and dedicated staff. Overall, we are committed to working in partnership with every parent to ensure that they can play their part in empowering their child to succeed.

Contact: Mr A Wooller (Professional Tutor)

Address: Parish Piece, Holmer Green, Buckinghamshire HP15 6SP
Tel: 01494 712219




Contact: Louise Abslom (ITTCo)
Address: Wharf Rd, Wendover, Buckinghamshire HP22 6HF
Tel: 01494 726562


Contact: Helen Burrow (ITTCo)

Address: Marlow Hill, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP11 1SZ

Tel: 01494 529589


Contact: Jenny Powlesland

Shinfield Road
Berkshire, UK

+44 (0) 118 987 9600



Contact: Mr Paul Miles (Professional Tutor/ITTco)

Address: Ellen Road, Aylesbury, HP21 8ES

Tel: 01296 745400




The Misbourne School is a close-knit family community in which each student is known and valued as an individual. There is a purposeful working environment with high quality teaching which enables every student to reach his/her potential.
We prepare our students for tomorrow's world, not only in terms of academic success but also through the social skills and leadership qualities which will enable them to play a full part in the changing global economy. Our vision is to create a positive, safe and happy learning environment where all our students feel valued, work to fulfil their potential and are successful. We aim to provide an enjoyable, challenging and stimulating environment that prepares our students to go on to further or higher education or skilled employment and enables them to make a significant contribution to society.
The Misbourne is a rewarding and stimulating environment in which to work and train to become a teacher, in partnership with the Astra SCITT.

Contact: Mr Peter Wood (ITTCo)
Address: Misbourne Drive, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire HP16 0BN
Tel: 01494 862869


At Princes Risborough School we believe that every child matters and that all children should be given the opportunity to be as successful as they can be.  We emphasise ‘learning’ as our core function and insist that everyone, students, staff and parents, constantly models its importance. We also believe that students learn best when they are excited and involved in their subjects, hence the school Motto: ‘Enjoy and Achieve’ – this underpins and shapes everything we do; not only in the academic, social, sporting and extra-curricular arenas, but in every single facet of our school day.

PRS is an Upper School for boys and girls aged between 11-18 years and our students are drawn from a wide diaspora of locations in South Buckinghamshire; nestled in the Chiltern foothills we are surrounded by some of the most amazing vistas and historically diverse locations in the UK.  Opened in 1957 as a Secondary Modern for 300 students, we now head toward our 60th year with a student roll of 1000, and in a different guise: as an Academy school.

Since our transition in 2011, the school has moved from strength to strength and we continue to embrace modernity, aspiration and enterprise; this youthfulness resonates in our dynamic and forward thinking approach to everything we do. At PRS, we constantly strive for the highest standards and this is mirrored by results: in 2017, PRS followed our best ever A Level results with a really pleasing set of GCSEs results that saw students achieving higher than national outcomes in English and maths, yet again.

These students will be citizens of the future and we must prepare them for the complexities and pressures of 21st Century life. To do this, we continually strive to appoint top quality teachers who will embrace our ‘Enjoy and Achieve’ mantra and who want to make a tangible and lasting impression to a diverse range of students.

We are an inclusive, aspirational and progressive school. Our Vision is that PRS is the ‘School of Choice’ for local children and that they leave us as ‘Successful Learners, Confident Individuals and Responsible Citizens’.

Contact: Lowri Puttick (ITTCo)

Address: Princes Risborough School, Merton Rd, Princes Risborough, Bucks HP27 0DR

Tel: 01844 345496


With its origins in the 13th Century, the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe was granted a Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth I in 1562. Much has changed since, but RGS continues to enjoy a reputation as one of the leading state selective schools in the country having been consistently rated ‘outstanding’.

RGS offers an outstanding all-round education for able boys aged 11-18 years.  We have high academic standards, excellent examination results and consistently feature as one of the top 60 state schools in England.  Almost all students progress to university with 18-20 getting into Oxford or Cambridge each academic year.  We offer a huge range of co-curricular experiences, the extent of which is unparalleled in the state sector. 

Our innovative teachers deliver a high quality classroom experience underpinned by our RGS Ethos for Learning.   Exceptional pastoral care ensures that, in a large school, every boy is known as an individual.

Above all, we seek to give our boys the tools to be the inspirational leaders of tomorrow as they embark on careers of distinction, influence and service.

Contact: Ms Mel Smith (ITTCo)
Address: The Royal Grammar School
Amersham Road
High Wycombe
HP13 6QT

Tel: 01494 524955


Contact: Ms Helen Roberts (ITTCo)
Address: Royal Masonic School for Girls
Rickmansworth Park
Rickmansworth WD3 4HF 

Tel: 01923 773168


Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School provides a learning environment in which students can thrive, unleash their creativity, and excel beyond the school gates.  Our mixed and inclusive environment gives just over 1300 students the space to challenge each other’s academic perspectives thus shaping their emotional intelligence. Our school has an undeniable sense of community and we are immensely proud of the conduct and attitude of our students.  Our diverse community of inquisitive young minds allows an environment in which our students can thrive. Ours is an environment that both delivers and inspires, as evidenced through our academic attainment, we are a 'top 100' state school.

Our mission at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar school is to equip our students with a grammar school education, ensuring that they emerge from their time at our school as true visionaries for the future.

A Sir Henry Floyd student is one who will excel academically, culturally, socially, and emotionally from studying in Aylesbury’s only co-educational, 'Outstanding' grammar school.  

We are not afraid of challenges; we believe that taking risks and pushing boundaries to explore new things takes courage. Developing a ‘dare to try’ attitude will ensure that our students leave Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School as enterprising young adults.  Our high standards mirror the expectations we have of ourselves as individuals; as both staff and students. The environment in which we all learn and work is one that allows a true exchange of wisdom and guidance, in a way that is unique to our school.

SHFGS Values:

We build resilience...

Bouncing back takes courage. We develop a resolute mindset in each of our students and foster a willingness to take calculated risks, without fear of failure.

We encourage reciprocity...

There is strength in the pack. We champion the exchange of wisdom and guidance between our students, to ensure they grow both individually and as a collective.

We grow resourcefulness...

Deeper roots; greater fruits. We motivate our students to investigate every resource and inspiration available to them in their pursuit of fresh knowledge.

We nurture reflection...

Thinking back is moving forwards. We invite our students to be mindful and self-aware and to continually adapt their practice, balancing the pursuit of excellence and their wellbeing.

We treasure respect...

The little things go a long way. We expect our students to be courteous and kind at all times, and to appreciate and celebrate the differences that make us unique.

Contact: Mrs Julie Pilkington (ITTCO)

Address: Oxford Road, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP21 8PE


Tel: 01296 424781




Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School is among the highest achieving co-educational grammar schools in the country. We are proud of our 400-hundred year history, but also aim to develop the learners and leaders of the future through innovative curricular, extra-curricular, and support programmes. Graded Outstanding by Ofsted and receiving the Challenge Award of the National Association for Able Children in Education, the school is regularly placed at the top of national league tables for A Level and GCSE. There are just over 1100 students on roll, with nearly 400 in the Sixth Form. Students join us at Year 7, 9, and 12. High numbers of students gain entry to Oxbridge, Russell Group and Ivy League universities and distinguished conservatoires and dance and drama schools. We are proud of our Performing Arts status, with large numbers involved in a wide range of activities on a weekly basis. Our achievements at national and international level in Sport are testament to the talent and determination of our students and staff. 

In 2015 we were awarded Teaching School status in recognition of our commitment to school improvement, training new teachers, and developing all teachers to fulfill their potential and contribute to the future of education. As the lead school in Marlow & Maidenhead Learning Alliance, we are proud to be working with Astra and Cygnus as part of the Teaching Talent network.

Contact: Jenny Hopper (ITTCo)

Address: West Street, Marlow SL7 2BR

Telephone: 01628816500


Contact: Amelie Wright (ITTCo)
Address: Rose Avenue, Hazlemere, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP15 7UB

Tel: 01494 815211


Contact: Noura Mehmet-Khan
Address: St Michael's Catholic School, Daws Hill Lane, High Wycombe, Bucks HP11 1PW
Tel: 01494 535196


Stony Dean School is a heavily oversubscribed secondary special school situated in Amersham in Buckinghamshire. We are very proud of the fact that we were the first school in this county to gain specialist SEN College status and our designation is for Communication and Interaction. This underpins the whole life of the school and our curriculum focuses on language development for all our students.


The students who attend Stony Dean come from across the south of Buckinghamshire and occasionally from neighbouring authorities or from the north of this county if their specific SEN cannot be met elsewhere.


Our school is a calm and productive learning environment where the staff team seeks to maximise the potential of every student and to take advantage of every learning opportunity. The school is consistently successful in achieving appropriate Post 18 placements for students in either FE Colleges or employment with training. Many of these FE places will be on “mainstream” college course as our students will have met the entry requirements and will have the self-confidence as independent learners to participate fully in the adult world.


The external accreditation outcomes for Year 11 have kept the school at the top of the table in the county for Contextual Value Added scores for the last five years. We now offer our students GCSE, BTEC or equivalent level courses in seven subjects, Entry Level Certificates in up to twelve subjects and, AQA Unit awards, Equals, etc. in other curriculum areas.


The school is rapidly developing its vocational and Skills for Life courses and also has positive links with a range of external providers. Enterprise Education is on the timetable for all students and this is the vehicle we use to enable them to experience the practical application of their learning and to gain the skills necessary to achieve employability. Our Young Enterprise Company is a central part of this work and goes from strength to strength.


Our beliefs and philosophies of teaching and learning are underpinned by the values of collaborative practice. As a school our therapists and teachers work together to ensure that students have the best possible experience at the school. Strategies and interventions are researched based and targeted to support the needs of the students.  We believe that every child can succeed and we have tailored our curriculum to develop their literacy, employability and independence living skills.


Stony Dean Students are lively, thoughtful and always ready to participate in a wide range of curriculum and extra-curricular activities. They are a remarkable group of young people and it is an enormous privilege to work alongside them as they make the journey following the transition from primary school all the way to adulthood.



Contact: Mr Neil Strain (Head Teacher)

Address: Orchard End Avenue, Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP7 9JW

Tel: 01494 762538




At Waddesdon, we believe that the purpose of education is to enable all people to flourish individually and collectively so that they can live a life of value. As a community, we strive to achieve these aims, believing genuinely and unequivocally in the capacity and potential of every child.

Waddesdon Church of England School is a co-educational 11-18 secondary school with just under 1,000 students on roll, and around 260 students in the Sixth Form. 

Our ethos is rooted and grounded in the Christian values of love, compassion, kindness and inclusion which foster dignity and respect for all. Students tell us that they feel safe and happy at Waddesdon School. Self-confidence, self-belief and agency are nurtured through praise, encouragement, acknowledgement of success and celebration of achievement.

Just as it “takes a village to raise a child”, so does it take a whole school community, in partnership with families, to educate a young person for life.  We believe in positive relationships and promote the value of being a purposeful and productive member of the community in our work with our young people.

Our vibrant and positive culture enables our students to fulfill their potential as self-disciplined, responsible and productive citizens who are proud to claim that they are a part of the Waddesdon tradition, the ‘Waddesdon Way’.

Standards and expectations are high and learning is developed through a broad range of engaging and rich educational opportunities. We are a dedicated and motivated staff who enable our students to work hard and achieve highly. However, our school cannot simply be measured by our outstanding outcomes alone; it is also measured by the development and character of our young people.


As a Church of England school within the Diocese of Oxford, our values are grounded in the Christian faith, although we welcome equally young people and staff of all faiths and none.  An inspection by the Society for the Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools in March 2018 also judged the school to be Outstanding as a Church of England school.


Contact: Mr Johnny Lee (Professional Tutor/ITTCo)

Address: School Lane, Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire HP18 0LQ


Tel: 01296 688264